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Sonic Advance Style Pixelart (Sonic and PPG)
My main area on art is pixelart. Mostly, Sonic Advance Style Pixelart.
This style is based off the Big Sprites from the Character Select Screen in Sonic Advance 3 for the Gameboy Advance.
For the Sonic Characters, i use the "Sonic advance maker V4" from MPOMbases, who has their account deactivated (What a shame Q-Q). For the PPG Characters, i make the poses, the expressions, the clothing and the shading.

What i need for these:
> A reference picture of the character you want me to do
> Any other things like extra clothing, colours, etc.

Extra Info:
> A character is 20 points, a pair is 40 points, a trio is 60 points, and depending on the ammount of characters, it's adds 20 points.
> Remember to pay in the donation pool.

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NicolasTheHedgehog's Profile Picture
Nicolas/ Catalina Valle
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Nicolas/ Catalina Valle. A bigender teenager that lives in the southern hemisphere of the world, on Chile, South America, that learned a lot of English and wishes to talk with foreign people. Even though sometimes i can be a serious person that ignores people, i like making friends. I have friends from some parts of the world i didn't think i would be friends of. As i said i live in Chile, South America, along with my mother, father and young brother.

I'm a sprite artist. Well... if you call what i do art. I mainly do Sonic Advance style sprites, since i created my own fan character. That character is Nicolas the Hedgehog. Nicolas is an orange hedgehog, that uses a green jacket, light-blue jeans, and red and blue sneakers. The reason i wanted to make a Sonic OC, was because, in the Sonic characters, i saw myself.

About myself: I study a lot, i like to ride in bikes, i love Sonic and video games, i like cartoons, animes tv shows, comics and more; i love dresses, heels, makeup, etc. I don't like talking about sexual stuff.

I have a collab group with HelenQueenOfTheWorld and KekeCatFNAF, where you can ask us questions:

If you want to know more about me, check this bio:

Pink To Do List by YuikoHeartless
- Nothing for now X3

Online Family:
> Younger Sisters:
:iconhelenqueenoftheworld: and :iconkekecatfnaf:

> Son:

> Daughter:

> Big Brother:

> Big Sister:

> Cousins:
:iconshadowtailsilverfan1: and :iconsonaze01:

> Mother:

> Switching Bestie:


I am back!!!

Ugh, my stomach felt sick while doing the exams.
I hope i did good qwq
Tomorrow is the big day. After i got home from doing the exams of today, I straight up went to study, for 2 AND A HALF HOURS, Navy History and Maths.

I hope to god that i do good enough to enter phase 3 of the admission process...

Wish me luck guys... And i'll see you after i'm done with the exams...

Until then.
~ Nicolas/ Catalina
Hello everyone.
I'd like to inform that i won't be online at all tomorrow and half of the next day.
The reason?...

I'm gonna do the exams to enter into the navy.
There are 4 exams.

Tomorrow (Thursday 21st), i have the psychological test (lasts 3 hours) and the Language test (lasts 1 hour and a half). And afterwards there's some stuff i don't remember. Another interview if i recall.
And that'll be until 6:30 PM, and right after that, i gotta study for the next day's exams.

Speaking of which, the next day (Friday 22nd), i have the Mathematics test (lasts 2 hours) and the Navy History test (lasts 1 hour). Those end around 11 AM. So, after that, i'll be online again XP

Wish me luck guys. If i manage to do good enough, i will be able to enter Part 3 of the Admission Course.

So see you guys later~ <3
~ Nicolas/ Catalina
Wow i go offline for some minutes and everyone i was talking to is offline qwq
Well... This week has been horrible...

First off, in school i had to be there for 5 hours doing nothing, being bored as hell.
Then on friday, i get sick and it's obnoxious and it hurts
And earlier on the week, i got called a pedo because of the age difference me and my ex-girlfriend had.
Then i can't help one of my friends that feels depressed, and she doesn't accept my help.
Then i got a friend to feel depressed when we were planning something because it didn't work.
And now, i feel like some of my friends are ignoring me...

What a GREAT weak...
Don't you hate when you hurt someone's feelings when you didn't mean to?...

Don't you hate making mistakes?...

I know i do...
Man, nobody seems to be online to chat right now q_q
Great. Just when i wanna chat with someone, no one's online =_=

I'm not taking Skull back.
Her parents didn't let us date because of our age difference.
I just like hugs and nuzzles. And to compliment friends and worry about them.
Nothing else.
I hope you two are happy together though.
As for me, well, i'm just gonna keep being what i am: a nerd, and focus on studying for what comes after 12th grade.
I might deactivate sometime, i dunno. Depression can be a jerk. Streess too.
Even though i try to understand girl's situations, being bigender and all, i don't understand one thing: Why do many girls i know starve themselfs to be "skinnier"?

Many female friends when they feel that way straight up skip important meals like breakfast and lunch.

Isn't that less healthier? You literally torture yourself not to eat anything. Maybe small things like dry fruits, but still. Wouldn't that make you feel sick?

Your body is so used to, well, eating that it will hurt. I don't understand.

If somebody calls you out for not being "skinny", they deserve to burn in hell because they shouldn't say anything. Your body is yours and it'a beautiful just how it is. Although, if you do feel like you need to lose weight, don't take that route please. I worry about everyone's health...
This is important!!! Be careful, everyone!!!
The original deviation has been deleted
There once was a man
who loved a dame
They had a romance
like Romeo and Juliet
But just like them,
the parents declined
Leaving them separate
and breaking them apart.

The guy, on his mind
just like Romeo
Thought about ending his life
just so he can"t feel pain anymore
But everyone was so positive
about the guy
And that another day, once again
love he will find

Right now he is shaking
inside his bed
Trying to hold the tears
of her lost Juliet
Even though he has tried
and wanted to load a fuse
Thanks to everyone's determination
To keep him safe...

It refused.

Save file:
> Nicolas/ Catalina
> Completion: 17%
> Stage: Adult
> State: Single
> Health: 1/100...
2/100... Healing...
10/100... Healing...
50/100... Healing..
100/100 - Fully healed

Would you like to continue?
> [Yes] [No]
Guess who's back...
It's depression...
....Guess i'll be alone forever...

I give up.


NicolasTheHedgehog has started a donation pool!
220 / 9,000
Hey guys, Nicolas here.
I would really like to do more on deviantart, tbh.
I dunno, asking people for commissions or something.
A little donation would be nice, thanks in advance
Also, if you do a commission, pay here. Thanks. ^^

~ Nicolas

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