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Sonic Advance Style Pixelart (Sonic and PPG)
My main area on art is pixelart. Mostly, Sonic Advance Style Pixelart.
This style is based off the Big Sprites from the Character Select Screen in Sonic Advance 3 for the Gameboy Advance.
For the Sonic Characters, i use the "Sonic advance maker V4" from MPOMbases, who has their account deactivated (What a shame Q-Q). For the PPG Characters, i make the poses, the expressions, the clothing and the shading.

What i need for these:
> A reference picture of the character you want me to do
> Any other things like extra clothing, colours, etc.

Extra Info:
> A character is 20 points, a pair is 40 points, a trio is 60 points, and depending on the ammount of characters, it's adds 20 points.
> Remember to pay in the donation pool.

Newest Deviations

Nicolas' New Redesign!!! by NicolasTheHedgehog Nicolas' New Redesign!!! :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 8 230 Contest Prize - TheLuckyOneX by NicolasTheHedgehog Contest Prize - TheLuckyOneX :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 3 2 Contest Prize - ShadAmyfangirl129 by NicolasTheHedgehog Contest Prize - ShadAmyfangirl129 :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 17 Stuff for People - Syyght by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - Syyght :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 6 2 Stuff for People - DoubleDoppelganger by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - DoubleDoppelganger :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 6 Stuff for People - AnAverageGamerDA by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - AnAverageGamerDA :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 5 2 Prototype and Logotype - Happy 26th, Sonic by NicolasTheHedgehog Prototype and Logotype - Happy 26th, Sonic :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 11 3 A Gift from Kayla! by NicolasTheHedgehog A Gift from Kayla! :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 0 Stuff for People - SamiraLovelyFox by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - SamiraLovelyFox :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 0 ''Classic Sonic Advance'' - Canon Characters by NicolasTheHedgehog ''Classic Sonic Advance'' - Canon Characters :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 25 101 Commission - Stecdude123 by NicolasTheHedgehog Commission - Stecdude123 :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 1 41 Stuff for People - RamuneTails by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - RamuneTails :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 13 Stuff for People - ShadAmyfangirl129 by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - ShadAmyfangirl129 :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 5 39 ''Creation and Destruction'' - Options Changed by NicolasTheHedgehog ''Creation and Destruction'' - Options Changed :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 3 Stuff for People - Amantato by NicolasTheHedgehog Stuff for People - Amantato :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 4 2 ''Creation and Destruction'' - Options by NicolasTheHedgehog ''Creation and Destruction'' - Options :iconnicolasthehedgehog:NicolasTheHedgehog 7 32


NicolasTheHedgehog's Profile Picture
Nicolas/ Catalina Valle
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Nicolas/ Catalina Valle. A bigender teenager that lives in the southern hemisphere of the world, on Chile, South America, that learned a lot of English and wishes to talk with foreign people. Even though sometimes i can be a serious person that ignores people, i like making friends. I have friends from some parts of the world i didn't think i would be friends of. As i said i live in Chile, South America, along with my mother, father and young brother.

I'm a sprite artist. Well... if you call what i do art. I mainly do Sonic Advance style sprites, since i created my own fan character. That character is Nicolas the Hedgehog. Nicolas is an orange hedgehog, that uses a green jacket, light-blue jeans, and red and blue sneakers. The reason i wanted to make a Sonic OC, was because, in the Sonic characters, i saw myself.

About myself: I study a lot, i like to ride in bikes, i love Sonic and video games, i like cartoons, animes tv shows, comics and more; i love dresses, heels, makeup, etc. I don't like talking about sexual stuff.

I have a collab group with HelenQueenOfTheWorld and KekeCatFNAF, where you can ask us questions:

If you want to know more about me, check this bio:

Pink To Do List by YuikoHeartless
- Nothing for now X3

Online Family:
> Younger Sisters:
:iconhelenqueenoftheworld: and :iconkekecatfnaf:

> Son:

> Daughter:

> Big Brother:

> Big Sister:

> Cousins:
:iconshadowtailsilverfan1: and :iconsonaze01:

> Mother:

> Switching Bestie:


Whoops. I didn't mean to upload that status. But eh. Whatever XD
Nicolas' New Redesign!!!
Meet Nicolas "Heart" Shining, the Cat!!
This is his new design! Changed him to a cat!! A femboy one too .w.
These are his normal clothes x3
Hope you guys look forward to his stories owo
And dont worry, he wears male clothes too .w.

I got depressed again...
I was looking through my dA gallery and remembered some people...

Some that haven"t been online for a long time... Such as Brenny and Mikaily...

Some that left dA and have lost contact with...
Such as Stella...

And... Some that unfortunately are gone...
Such as... Fluffy...

*crying* I miss you all...
I want to die...
I want to die...
I want to die...
I want to die...
I want to die...
I want to die...
I want to die...

I'll be alone forever...
So... My laptop crashed when i was working on pixelart...

Hey, do you guys know what happened to DeathTheDemonFox?

They haven"t answered back for a while...
Help out this person i guess???
I don't really understand the context but let's help a friend out X'D
r0sque told me to tag her so uh there you go
Sorry for not talking a lot to some people.
I have been kinda busy with school.
But winter holidays will start soon .w.
Sigh... Being between a rock and a hard place is... Hard to be around in...

I'm not saying names... But... Geez... These two people used to be more than friends... But now?... Each one hates each other...

I don't pick sides, but... Both are telling me to go to theirs... I wish i could have helped fix things somehow...

But i give up... After seeing some recent events, i don't think i can trust one of the sides, because of... Reasons...

Sigh... Why do i always try to be nice to everyone when i know it'll always turn out bad somehow?...
Ok, the "Classic Sonic Advance" Pixelart is helping me get rid of my creativity block.

Tomorrow i shall work on gifts, since i believe i made good enough progress in the pixelart.

Oh and also, incoming changes to "ChaosTale", @SeanTG24 and I's Undertale AU.
I hate this phone so goddamn much...

Whatever charger it uses, the cable must be in a specific position or else it won't charge...
It resets for no reason whatsoever...
It doesn't have much space in it...

I want a new one, dang it... But i gotta wait til Kids day, Christmas or my birthday to hopefully get a new one...
And then after i talk to people, everyone leaves me hanging... *sigh*
I think i'm gonna revive one of my oldest characters and give them a neat design X3

If you can guess who it is then you get a virtual cookie lol


NicolasTheHedgehog has started a donation pool!
220 / 9,000
Hey guys, Nicolas here.
I would really like to do more on deviantart, tbh.
I dunno, asking people for commissions or something.
A little donation would be nice, thanks in advance
Also, if you do a commission, pay here. Thanks. ^^

~ Nicolas

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